Why Your Fears Hold the Keys to Strong Personal Growth

Our fears are what can be holding us back the most in our lives. Everybody has them; it is a part of being human; we collect them throughout our lives until we have the wisdom to let go of them. They affect us in our everyday lives and we are not even aware of most of them.The energy we have, the belief system we have in any given moment can be affected by our fears. How do we know? Well unless we feel completely at peace and enlightened then there are fears somewhere in our subconscious mind that is affecting us.It is what we are all here to do, to learn to get back in touch with our true inner selves and our state of enlightenment. We come here to experience and learn lessons that are aimed towards living in harmony with our environment.Most of the mistakes that we make are because of the influences from a given set of fears. Then we should look at them, understand them and overcome them. Well it is not that simple because our society has not taught us to do that properly, instead we are encouraged to be defensive and try to control the situation better next time. That means instead of letting go and being free, we do the opposite. It goes against the true meaning of self growth.We can learn to control situations better or we can let go of our fears so we don’t have to. When we are free we have the room to connect with our true potential.Most of us don’t know how to deal with fear properly in our mainstream society, it is one of those mysteries with many different theories. We can learn to think differently, that slightly changes a belief system that becomes less vulnerable to the side effects of fear, although doing that doesn’t solve the problem and may compensate the belief system for something else.There is nothing like resolving fear at the source. Learning how to do this can really align us on a strong path of personal growth. Because when we resolve fears, we learn how and why we do certain things. Then we can see it in others as well. This new knowledge creates more compassion towards others. We can also see parts of our true vibration that have been suppressed. It can also shed light on why everything happened the ways they did in our lives, we can see purpose out of them.For example if you are afraid how you are going to accomplish something in an important situation, you can either keep over-analysing or you can choose to find your intuition. This is when you need to take a short private moment and take deep breaths where you can let yourself go into a light mediation. Your body becomes more aware and you can confront this fear. You will either be able to let it go completely or weaken it’s power over you. Then you’ll be better able to use your intuition which is how you’ll get the best results. The key is to do this over and over again so that you build trust in yourself.

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